Music Fest News

Great review of Out On A Limb. Thanks to Scott Hopkins for the article!

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Out on a Limb Pre-Sale!

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Ropeadope + Jazz Fest

As we roll into Jazz Fest Season 2015, we’ve got quite a bit of excitement buzzing around the Naughty camp. A smorgasbord of Jazz Fest shows, both at the Fest and in the city at night, keeps us busy throughout the coming weeks. Noah (our bass player) is getting ready to graduate from University of New Orleans, thus finally eliminating the last traces of the “college factor” which has found ways to sabotage our touring efforts since the beginning (it should be noted that UNO is, when compared to other universities in town, very understanding of musicians’ touring schedules).

ropeadopeSome big news: We finished our album Out On A Limb, and can’t wait to release it to the world in May. Some perhaps bigger news: Out On A Limb is being released through our new partners, Ropeadope Records! We’re humbled and honored to be rubbing label-buddy elbows with the likes of Snarky Puppy, Sidewalk Chalk and many other great bands who are striving to push the boundaries. We can’t wait to hit the ground running with our new friends and make music together.

If you’re looking to get your hands on OOAL before May, come see us play and we’ll have CD’s for sale at the show (or at the merchandise tent at Jazz Fest!).

This summer we intend to tour around the country. We’ll let you know as soon as we have a clear sense of where we’re headed. In the mean time, check out this new video from our Live at the Blue Nile series featuring one of the songs from OOAL, The Elephant Hunt.


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Brain Storm

Our new single is here! Check it out.

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Music Season

It’s Mardi Gras Season! Which for New Orleans means music, music, music.


We’ve got some goodies we’re about to send out into the cosmos. First, shows!

We’re kicking Mardi Gras off in stride with a show on Krewe du Vieux at Blue Nile. and wrapping it up with shows at The Howlin’ Wolf and La Maison on Frenchman St. As the good people of New Orleans know, Mardi Gras season brings the best out of a lot of aspects of the city, and the array of music events is no exception. As more folks visit our fair city, the music scene kicks it up a notch. For instance, the sheer talent brought in is spectacular. Acts from all over the country come to entertain the masses.

Perhaps a more secret side of the Mardi Gras festivities is the impromptu jam sessions that occur at the wee hours of the morning when all the musicians are done playing with their respective bands. It’s a really exciting community to realize you’re a part of, sometimes by accident. It’s interestingly selective in a way, because the only people that tend to be around for these special moments are people who are willing to stay up till 3 a.m. to maybe see some more music before the city sleeps.

We’re also on the cusp of releasing…(drumroll)…a new single! We’ll be dropping a brand newly recorded song that will appear on our new album. Look out for it in the coming weeks!

Happy Mardi Gras!

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New Year, Same Love

By John

Thanks to you, our 2014 was truly amazing.

We’re in the middle of our winter schlep through the Northeast, and I have to say, it’s going really well.

We’re finally getting around to hitting quite a few cities up here a second time (and some for a third time!), and we are thrilled to see so many familiar faces. Other than me breaking my arm sledding in Vermont (went off a ramp really fast…almost worth it), this tour has been full of nothing but great crowds and quality hang time with lovely humans.

We’ve hit quite a few milestones during this trip around the sun, and we absolutely owe it all to you, our amazing families, friends, and fans. Since last January, we’ve cultivated  wonderful friendships, experienced many triumphs and losses, played shows alongside incredible musicians (The Revivalists, The Main Squeeze, The Nth Power, Rebirth Brass Band, George Porter Jr., and more), travelled across the majority of our great nation, and recorded an album, all of which have helped us grow to become better people and a better band as a whole. Thank you, dear friends, for all the love and for being a part of our musical journey!

We have a lot to look forward to in 2015, including a very exciting Mardi Gras season in New Orleans (BOLO for those dates!), releasing a new album, and more touring. We’ll be touring through January 17th, and will post more shows as they approach.

From all of Naughty Professor,

Happy New Year!

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Live at Blue Nile Part 2: Six Dog Knight

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The Nth Power and The Main Squeeze Blow My Mind + Winter Tour

Hello again everyone! As we take a well-earned break for Thanksgiving, I can finally sit back and digest some things Naughty Professor has experienced recently. We’ve played a ton of shows, recorded our new album at Studio in the Country, and are about to embark on a quest through the blizzard-gauntlet that is the North East for a winter tour. Spending more time away from New Orleans than ever, our van is beginning to feel more and more like a second home.



Recently Naughty ventured East to play with some incredible up and coming bands that left me spellbound and genuinely inspired. Our first show was at a great new venue in Atlanta Aisle 5  with The Nth Power, a relatively new soul group born in New Orleans with a stacked lineup (includes New Orleans mainstay drummer Nikki Glaspie, former drummer for Dumpstafunk, and soul-expert Nigel Hall on keys) playing music that comes straight from the heart. In my opinion, The Nth Power plays nothing but honest to goodness musical truth.

Then we drove up to Charleston, SC for a show with The Main Squeeze, a powerhouse of a funk/rock group that specializes in flawless execution and soul-ridden song writing. They are a hook machine, a hit factory (If you couldn’t already tell, I like them a lot). No doubt they will continue to explode in the music scene. It was really cool to play with them and I look forward to doing it again!

Coming up next: our 2014-2015 Winter Tour. We’re foraging through the snow to reach GA, NC, D.C., MA, PA, VT, and NY. Having lived in the South my whole life, this experience is a first for me. I’ve never been that far North this deep into winter before, but I think I’m capable of living through it, even if I have to slay a Taun Taun to keep warm.

Check out our shows page for specific dates!

We hope to see all of you soon.

-  by John

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Operation Voodoo: Success

This weekend we played five shows in three days, during a great tour through Texas with The Revivalists and  The London Souls, concluding with a Voodoo set and a raging sold-out Tipitina’s afterparty. It was an ambitious and enthralling experience that has left us exhausted and victorious. Thanks to everyone who came out to one of our shows!

After Naughty’s Voodoo set, Meg Ryan from LSU’s The Daily Reveille interviewed Sam and John about Naughty’s roots and style, which can be found by clicking the horns below.

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Live at Blue Nile

Check out our new video from our show at Blue Nile!

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